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Establish Environmental Noise Levels from Proposed Plant

Where local councils wish to control overall operational noise on a project.

Sound Analysis Ltd can produce noise maps by carrying out a desktop analysis of all plants proposed for the site.

The program will take into account local terrain, intervening buildings that provide acoustic shielding, and the operational periods of transient transport on site.

The resulting programme allows any individual item of plant to be turned off in order to assess the particular acoustical contribution of that item and, where necessary, allow noise control to be individually considered.

The programmes can include the specifications of attenuators for the air conditioning equipment, acoustic barriers for external plant, and in some cases, bespoke designs for which tenders can be obtained.

The resulting environmental noise levels are then compared to the specification and, where necessary, remedial noise control equipment is specified to meet the requirements of the client. For further information and to discuss your acoustic modelling requirements give us a call free on the number at the top of the page or contact us via email by filling in the contact page