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Plant and Equipment Noise Management

Whilst there are many standard forms of noise control equipment available, where this is not suitable, Sound Analysis Ltd can provide bespoke designs with a detailed specification, enabling the client to obtain prices for the manufacture of the equipment from appropriate companies.

Sound Analysis Ltd can provide full specification and tender drawings, for acoustical enclosures around noisy equipment, such as diesel generators, air handling equipment, high duty pumps, and turbines.

Enclosures can also be designed for quiet rooms in factories, audiometric rooms, and control rooms.

Heavy Duty Silencers

Specific designs for silencing all types of ducted or pipe work plants. The design comes with a full engineering specification, for obtaining tenders for manufacture.

Acoustical Screens or Barriers

Following an acoustical survey of existing conditions or a desk-top analysis from published noise data, acoustical screens or barriers can be designed to offer varying degrees of noise reduction. Screens can either be of solid construction or, where air flow through the screen is required, achieved through the use of acoustic louvres.

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