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Environmental Noise Survey, Noise Assessment Consultants, UK

Sound Analysis Ltd undertakes field noise assessment and noise surveys for the varying needs of our clients across the UK. These include:

Noise surveys to establish existing background noise levels when new plants or equipment are envisaged that may cause a noise nuisance to existing residential properties.

Acoustical surveys and noise assessment of plant and equipment noise levels for the prediction of the resulting noise environment in a new location.

Commissioning Surveys where an installation is complete and is required to meet a particular project specification.

Traffic surveys, where the client requires noise control and needs the desktop analysis to predict the resulting noise reduction of any remedial work, such as barrier fencing.

Environmental noise surveys of noise that is local to a proposed development in order to assess whether the site is suitable for either residential or commercial development.

Un-attended surveys, over extended periods up to one week of continual recording, where maximum or minimum noise levels need to be established.

Speak to one of our consultants today on the number at the top of the page for further information about our environmental noise surveys and noise assessment in the UK. Any queries can also be sent to us via email by filling in the form on the contact page